Kalmyk yoga

Description of training

1.  Stand straight legs are study. Mouth is shut
2. Make breath with your nose. Hold nostrils with fingers.
3. Take a pose parallel to a floor.
4. Begin to straighten legs in knees and pelvis. Amplitude is about 20 sm. moving the body up and down/  Keep the body parallel to the floor. Make the ex. as far as you can.
5. Now count how many seats you took.
6. Stand straight again and have a rest a little breathe out.
7. Begin to make all it from beginning

Make this useful ex. 3 times a day.

1. Be happy! Luck!

Secrets of Health and Longevity
2,500 years ago in Greece lived Herodicus of Selymbria. He was the first to break the rules set by Asclepius, who at that time was considered to be the god of medicine. While treating the ill Herodicus started using exercises which required the intensive oxygen intake, i.e. running and massage. Thus, the new, western rehabilitative and prophylactic physical culture has been born. It only got more complicated as time passed: jogging, aerobics, fitness clubs etc. Exercises, which involve intensive breathing, have plenty advantages: utilization of food, the training of neural and muscular apparatus, body shaping etc. However, there is the uncontrollable loss of vitamins, enzymes, blood electrolytes, and an oxygen deficiency. Those who have ever watched the competitions of the marathon runners could see their pale faces. This is the sign that little blood comes to the brain and the heart, as both of these organs work together. Of course, physical exercises are much better than bad habits and doing nothing, however they do not help to solve the problems of longevity and senior diseases.
200 years before the birth of Christ, a sage Patanjali lived in India, he is considered to be the founder of yoga. It regulates the intensity of breathing and manages even to stop it. I call such exercises “eastern” physical culture. The advantages of such exercises are – flexible joints, reduced nutrition, and refusal from bad habits. And what are the disadvantages? Exercises are static, i.e. there is no loading on the cardiac and muscular system, muscles, cords, bones and other organs. Because of the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the blood, vessels of heart and brain are dilated, but blood circulating in them does not make them stronger. The exercises themselves demand a great deal of time and restriction, which means that one should be a monk or a hermit to lead such life. I have never heard of any of the followers of such exercises who lived a very long life. They pass away even sooner than the rest of us.
There are two great systems, but neither helps to answer the questions of longevity and senior diseases. It is reassuring that people at the top of our society are also misguided and sweat intensely on the running tracks, tennis courts and in fitness clubs (“western” physical culture), meditate with hatha yoga, have learnt the gymnastics of Hermes (“eastern” physical culture). The energy of inertia is great. Our conservative minds and a huge amount of health systems created by the world of science guard its field from the newcomers.
What does modern science give us? The DNA molecule has been divulged, the genes of different diseases and death have been discovered. They attempt to grow new organs out of vertebral cells. However, it already existed in the 19th century – it is the testicle transplantation.
Thus, in over two thousand years no one has even tried to combine the two great systems (the western and the eastern). Only “Kalmuck yoga” – squats with one’s breath held – has solved the problem.
This exercise helps the blood in the dilated vessels of heart and brain circulate with double intensity! And what are the results? People are cured from the senior diseases (excess weight, diabetes, pulmonary diseases, cardiovascular diseases etc.), numerous letters from all over the NIS can prove it. Kalmuck yoga normalizes the work of all organs, trains and even helps to grow brain and heart capillaries, strengthens brain in its brain-pan with additional inguinal granulation.
Water produced with the exercises is filtered through the kidneys and not through sweat-glands as in “western” exercises, which means that vitamins and electrolytes, that are necessary for the body, go back to blood.
Where could Kalmuck yoga be useful? Of course in the training of pilots, astronauts and submariners, i.e. those who work in confined space, training of endurance for the military, sportsmen, especially those who endure blows in the head (boxers, football players, divers), and those who care about their health or want to improve it. So we can say that Kalmyk yoga is an invention with a double advantage.
Finally, you might wonder if such phenomenon exists in the wild life? It does. Dolphins and whales have polished this exercise for millions of years and it will be long before we manage to catch up with them. The author of the article himself, who has done over 4 million of squats in 16 years, is a good example of how Kalmyk yoga works. Being 69 years old and 172 cm tall, he weighs 60-63 kilos. His electrocardiogram, blood sugar and blood cholesterol are normal, the heartbeat frequency is 55-60 beats per minute, and he does not see doctors with complaints about his health.
For the future reference, you can find material at www.kalm-yoga.narod.ru and in the “Healthy Life” journal.